Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why Load Testing Your WordPress Site Is Important

Anyone who is curious to see what their computing device is capable of should get to know what load testing is all about. They should figure out how to do this, and then they should see just what their device can all handle. The load test will help the device to go through a lot, and they will be able to see if it can make it through it all in one piece. It puts it through a lot of stress, and that pressure will either prove how good their computing device is, or it will show them that they need to use a new device to get things done.

The load testing will be a good thing for them to use because they might have always wondered before about their computing device and whether or not it was up for the tasks that they wanted it to complete. Now they can know just what it is up for, as they test it for all of the things that they normally do, and things beyond that, as well. The load testing will say a lot about their device, and it will be a good thing for them to know the truth about it and how well it works.

So, anyone who wants to know if their computing device is up for the things that they would like to put it through should make sure that they do this kind of testing. Load testing is just the thing to give them the truth about their device. And they will feel so much better knowing how good it really is at doing all that they want from it than they had felt about it before. So, they should check this out, and they should do the testing as soon as they figure out how to make it happen. One thing to understand is that it's a lot easier to make some of this stuff happen with a tool that's user-friendly like Dotcom-Monitor's load testing tool which can be found at

Load speed matters, even more, today than it did in the past for your website. Now that people are used to faster internet speeds and pages loading quickly, if you got a page that loads slowly, then it will really annoy visitors. Sometimes people do have slow internet still, but they normally blame your site before they blame their internet service. This means that you need to incorporate a few tricks on your site, when building it, to make sure it loads as quickly as possible, even on slow connections.

The first thing you can do is keep the layout simple. Not only are simple layouts easier to navigate for the user, but they also load faster. The next thing is to eliminate unneeded scripts. This is tied into keeping it simple. While some features that scripts can provide are really cool they aren’t needed. If you want a fancy version, then you can set up your site to display fancy when it detects a computer versus when it detects a mobile device. This is because generally, mobile speeds are slower than an actual computer.

A big thing you can do that will keep visitors on your site and help it load faster, especially with WordPress, is set it up so it loads the text content before the pictures says This way while, it is loading the pictures, the visitor can begin reading the content. That way they aren’t sitting there looking at a blank screen. Blank screens when visiting a website is a huge turnoff and you want to minimize your visitor’s screen being blank as much as possible. Speaking of pictures only use ones that are completely necessary to the content. While pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say. You only need so many.

These few tips will really help speed up your website load times and keep visitors from having to look at a blank screen. As long as they got something to read while waiting for other things to load they are most likely going to stay on the site and not even realize that it hasn’t loaded all the way