Sunday, July 3, 2016

Load and Stress Testing – What Are The Differences?

When developing a program or software usually, the person developing it is full of uncertainties. Hence the software has to be put under testing to identify whether it will be able to cope with different situations and actions. Load testing is one of the tests conducted at the end of software production to analyze the performance of the software loading different tasks. Stress testing, on the other hand, is a dynamic analysis and tests input to the software to understand how it can cope with harsh conditions, overuse and new limits.


Load testing is when a system analyzed of its reaction on normal a condition. The load type of testing is different with stress testing in that, stress analysis is more vigorous, and the condition is usually tight; whereas the load type is normal. For load testing, the conditions will be a variety of them, but all will be normal. For stress testing, the requirements will go beyond the standard to risky ones.


When conducting load testing, the system analyst seeks to find average results. One that the system is supposed to produce when being used and while loading results such as loading speed loading processes and loading time. Stress testing, on the other hand, expects the system to give the results of breakdown or an adaptive mechanism to cope with a lot of user request and performance demand. 

Expected Functions

Load testing is usually a test that is made to ensure that the software can deal with regular performance and provide the intended functions of its creation. Stress testing, however, is supposed to give an unexpected outcome. Something extraordinary from the stress inserted. Usually to analyze how well the software can cope with risks like poor network, high processing requirements and vigorous pressure for loading. What is expected is that it is supposed to go beyond the ordinary functions of the system to coping with risk.


As much as stress testing is being termed as vigorous and risky, it is important to understand how the system will behave under stressful environment. Probably break, explode or collapse. Once what causes stress to the network is identified it is easy to control that. Load testing is necessary for that no one can use software whose functions have not been tested and determined. If you're looking to learn more about load testing in general, you can see more here.

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